just be it It’s about the work involved in establishing a dedicated practice to feelings of a bigger belonging through practices aimed at increasing feelings of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness

Ride Blues Band/PeaceMeal Blues/Jazz Band

The Blues...Just Be It

The Blues…Just Be It      

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The famous bluesman, Otis Spann, has referred to the blues as ‘a doctor’ that sometimes heals, sometimes
doesn’t, but it aims to help one move through the pain of life.

The blues and blues/jazz is a rich form of surrendered harmonic alignment that carries us through suffering to freedom.  Just Be It features harmonic alignment through the blues in a variety of musical configurations for all occasions.

Commentary on the Blues

Ride: This blues band performs every other month at Washington Square Bar and Grill in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  The current band membership is starting its fifteenth year.  Ride is best known for creating a live party atmosphere with a compilation of blues and rock songs that facilitates moving energy and healing.
A typical set list is taken from the rich heritage of Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield and Freddie King through to the Grateful Dead, Bill Withers and Lou Reed. Ride pays tribute to the connecting experience these songs stimulate.

Band Members: Gerry Dahl, Bass and Vocals; Mike Lupo, Keys; John Layton, Guitar; Randy Johnson, Vocals, Trumpet and Harmonica, and Jonathon Townsend, Drums and vocals


Unvarnished Music Festival and Windsurf Championships 2008

Unvarnished Music Festival and Windsurf Championships 2008


Sample audio songs:


Five Long Years video at Stasiu’s

Don’t Keep Me Wondering

Ride… Blues to rock your soul…

Check the calendar for performance schedule.

PeaceMeal: For a softer, background blues/jazz atmosphere, this group performed weekly at Washington Square Bar and Grill for three years. PeaceMeal has played background alignment music throughout the Twin Cities area.  Performing as trio or quartet, this band features Dan Parker on bass, Steve DeGenaro on guitar, and Randy Johnson on trumpet, harmonica and vocals.  Occasionally another horn or a keyboard player will sit in with the band. When it’s important to keep the volume down so you can have a peaceful meal and/or conversation, PeaceMeal perfectly augments your special occasion.

Sample songs:

I Shall Be Released

Check the calendar for performance schedule.