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Aiming to Healing

Published on 05/02/22
by randy

Turning up the volume to healing. Howling and toning the horn.

 My ego would have me desire your approval and attention. It wants validation to its separateness. Yet, the greatest of all freedoms is to wake up to the illusion of our separateness. That freedom would be to have a deep awareness to those things, people, thoughts etc. that nourish and feed the soul, the divine light that lives in all things. Waking up to this, I’m more aware of what’s good food and what’s bad food, of what nurtures and nourishes and what is toxic. So I no longer seek people to join me, to approve me, to give me their thoughts that I am right. But I do look for good food. I want to be around people that fit in their motivation to wake up to the sacred in all and their commitment to not fight. When you think you are right, when you are close minded in your belief systems, there is not a fit. Good food for me is being around the curious, the open minded, and the healers devoted to not causing harm.

For me, good food feels good. It feels good from the time it enters the mouth as it travels down to the stomach and as the belly digest it. It provides energy and increased awareness. Good food creates gratitude and a lighter vibration. Just like the food we ingest, good media feels good. It does not aim to cause fear and anger. Yet, it does not shy away from the truth of events. Healthy media aims to steer free from opinions and judgments of those delivering the news. Healthy media is motivated to speak truth, to adjust the facts as new evidence comes in and to do what it can to stay away from the complaining mind. Unfortunately, there is little media that drives us to the “no complaint, no complaint“ mind. With special interest from those who have excessive wealth, there is an agenda to shape minds and thinking through fear with their unbridled greed for more wealth and attention. There is very little media today that fits with my motivation to not fight. Whether it’s radio, TV, social media or the entertainment that is provided to us today, there seems to be little that is highly motivated to demonstrate the skills of nonviolence and a dedication to not fighting. On the contrary, it’s hard to look at any media without seeing the glorification of warriors, fighters, heroes, of those willing to cause harm to others.

If it’s a fit it nourishes and invigorates.  Vitality increases and the well-being meter moves further into positive territory.  Some call it mojo, others mana, lust for life, abundant energy. 

That's it. What Next?

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