just be it It’s about the work involved in establishing a dedicated practice to feelings of a bigger belonging through practices aimed at increasing feelings of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness

Energy, Vibration and the Language of Interconnection

Published on 10/03/09
by randy

Everything is energy. We are energy. Energy is vibration. We are vibration. Energy dissipates. We dissipate. Everything dissipates. Energy doesn’t disappear. We don’t disappear. Nothing disappears. The dissipation of energy can be slowed by putting greater attention to it. We can increase our chances of slowing entropy by “taking care”. As energy, we slow our entropy by ‘taking care’, by following the common sense rules of stewardship.

Perhaps our greatest lesson is practicing movement to a higher vibration. The low vibration of anger, fear, greed and mindless consumption appear to speed our entropy. Our evolution to a higher vibration through compassion, gratitude and forgiveness seems to slow our entropy. Our life practice is to forever move to a higher vibration through the practice of “no complaint, no complaint”. The higher vibration releases grudges from the past, finds deep gratitude for the gift in what is at the moment given, and forever “feels” the interconnection of all things. The higher vibration is a positive energy field that recognizes the seeds of negative emotion, but refuses to let them grow their toxicity. The higher vibration waters the seeds of loving kindness, forever touching the “arising moment” in mystery and wonder.

In times of deep wounding, the connecting vibration energy can be severely thrown from harmony. Oftentimes, these events are followed by prolonged silence as we travel deeply to once again touch our interconnection. At some moment, sound can be introduced as we once again find vibration alignment. This can be through tones, eventually moving to more complicated harmony and rhythm, eventually opening the window for words.

In deep wounding “the wholeness” has been ripped apart. The source of ‘to heal’ is ‘to make whole’. Our sense of separateness, our ego, continually pushes from the felt sense of interconnection, tempting us to dualistic battle. We are then more tempted to speak than to listen. Yet, our reconnection to energy and vibration is served best through deep listening.

Our energy increases as we go to a higher vibration that’s free from judgment. Our energy increases with our commitment to not harm others through our thoughts, emotions, speech and actions. Our energy increases through our fearlessness and courage in drilling deeper into life’s mystery through active listening.

This awareness of vibration energy is work. It requires moment to moment practice as we continually correct ourselves to a more evolved ‘being’. Good food for this practice consists of meditation, exercise of the body, the food of practicing one’s passions in contribution to universal connection, frequent communication in nature, dialog with friends and family, conscious nourishment of the body with foods that gain rather than drain energy, adequate rest, etc. Our life contribution to a higher vibration is all we can ask…a life of authentic being that’s forever increasing in ‘felt’ awareness of our interconnecting energy.

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