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The Real Polarity: Open vs. Closed Mind

Published on 25/02/23
by randy

Is there any flexibility for letting in new light?

The real polarity in society revolves around “open vs. closed” minds.  The closed mind has attached to thought/beliefs without possibility of movement.  There’s little to no flexibility.  We will always have difference of thought.  However, our violence is dependent on our rigor mortis of thought.  Either we’re willing to listen to each other for understanding in acknowledging

that we don’t know everything or we’re not.  We can be angry about the situation and willing to open to other ways of seeing things or we become violent, justifying harm to others who don’t see it our way.  Yet, the only thing we really need to agree upon is a deep intention to not harm one another.  When it comes to conflict situations are we water or stone?  The fundamentalist thinking we have in politics and religion is dangerous because the closed mind creates a rational to cause harm to those of difference.  It’s of human nature to want an absolute answer.  Yet, the only absolute is that of uncertainty.  Either we can creatively deal with uncertainty or we meet it with the inflexible mind unwilling to open to new possibility.  The closed mind often uses the dead end phrase, “I know that”.  The open mind uses the word “appears” and will qualify flexibility in knowing with, “Given the information I have now, it appears to be……”.  

We would radically reduce violence if we could pledge allegiance to the open mind and non-violence.  I wonder if there’s any correlation between flexibility in the body and flexibility in the mind.  Without flexibility it’s more difficult to move.  With flexibility training we can better move to meet the inevitable change that is forever before us.

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