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How About God as Verb Rather than Noun

Published on 31/10/12
by randy

Rather than the noun God, how about God-ing? If God is love, how about just calling it ‘big loving’? This breaking of the illusion of separation needs reference, but I suggest the reference is cleaner when presented as verb rather than noun. It’s more difficult to put possession to that which is moving. How many battles have been fought in the name of ‘my God’? We came somewhat close to an action oriented change with the statement, “God is love”. The more powerful, less confusing interpretation is found in the verb of ‘love’, rather than object noun.’’

When aligned with the divine, it’s an action verb. When caught in the abstraction of a noun, great confusion exists, further entangling us in the thicket of thought. The command to ‘love one another as yourself’ is the commanded selfless action. All of Jesus’ parables can point to this God-ing. As we go through our day, a continual examination for solid action would ask, “What would Jesus do?”

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