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On Leadership

Published on 29/08/11
by randy

I’m quite frightened by leaders who ‘think’ they’re right, losing their curiosity to the mystery of damage from the ‘clever’ mind.  I’d much prefer leaders with strong spiritual foundation, who ‘feel’ what’s right, who then act upon it.  They rise above their ego’s desire for more power and wealth, aiming to act with what’s ‘best for all with harm to none’.  These are leaders who’ve done well at cultivating Big Hope, inspiring us all, as human beings, to be and do better.  These are leaders who carry humble confidence in following heart’s draw to make spiritually sound decisions in line with the tenants of our great spiritual traditions, some of which are listed below.

  1. Aim to act without harming other living beings or the planet.
  2. Aim to use speech that does not cause harm.
  3. Aim to long term, mindful sexual relationships that cause no harm.
  4. Aim to consume moderately and mindfully.
  5. Aim to steer from body/mind consumption that intoxicates and numbs us to harmful thoughts, emotions and consequent actions.
  6. Love one another as oneself, continually aware of the poisons of greed, fear and ignorance to our interdependence.
  7. Cultivate awareness to the impermanent nature of all things, cultivating gratitude and stewardship for those who follow us, honoring the wisdom from those who’ve proceeded us.

As I try to understand our national incapacity to hold a conversation, it seems we’re locked in dogmatic notions, refusing to listen to one another.  Some stress more local and/or state government.  Others stress the needs for federal government.  I suspect we all hope to offer ‘opportunity’ for all, to weed out those areas where opportunity is robbed, and ultimately, to leave our bodies knowing we at least haven’t made things worse through our presence, thoughts, and actions.  Democrats have been accused of welfare handouts and entitlement programs that enable continued lack of opportunity and participation.  Republicans have been accused of protecting the benefactors of greedy hoarding.  Both have caused great damage to the American Dream, land of opportunity and participation.

It would seem time to truly come to the table with deeper respect for the collateral damages caused from our ‘thinking’ mind.  Our heart mind knows that promotion of mindless consumption is bankrupting us.  Yet, we continue to push an economy that simply can’t live on others’ money.  Our war efforts have not made us safer.  Our profit centered health care will break us.  The uneven distribution of wealth has made us a two class society incapable of offering the education needed for growth and opportunity.  Our selfish, self interest lobbies have made the political system inoperable.  The top 20% hold 85% of the nation’s wealth.  The top 1% hold 40% of the nation’s wealth.  Yet, we’re spiritually mandated to live in moderation.  Media owned and operated by those holding this wealth brilliantly shape our consciousness to accept this unbridled greed as investors become more cunning at playing our financial institutions, rapidly growing their portfolios with little benefit to the greater society.

Media puts more attention to a political candidate’s capacity to raise capital than to their moral foundation.  Conflict debates are promoted and televised when we really need to see the skill of a candidate’s capacity to act with moral integrity in a crisis situation.  Our spiritual institutions need a voice in speaking to the foundations for a candidates thoughts, emotions and actions.  Those candidates carry the humble confidence of a Gandhi, Mandella, King, etc. will stand out.  Those candidates who are living the spiritual code to do what’s best for all with harm to none will stand out.  Those candidates who inspire us to Big Hope in times of trouble, as did FDR, Eisenhower, and Kennedy, will stand out.  Those candidates who can effectively negotiate and compromise thought without compromising spiritual integrity will stand out.  It’s time to rise above the football rah rah mentality that politics has embraced.  Our survival as a nation and planet depends upon it.

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