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The Blessing of One

Published on 11/01/11
by randy

Years ago I was gifted with the repeated experience of seeing 11:11 and 1:11 when randomly looking at time pieces.  Finally, with the gift of search engines, I learned I wasn’t alone.  This was a common experience to subtly remind us of Oneness over the delusion of two.  The spiritual life directs us to a profound stillness where we can cultivate awareness to this Presence.  It’s a radical hospitality for all that is, in full gratitude for the gift of opportunity.  In the gravity of culture, where the messages of two abound through greed, fear and ignorance, the universe of One cultivates response from generosity, love, forgiveness and gratitude.

Tomorrow would seem to be a tipping point day, a day where more and more of us wake to the One.  Certainly, our great spiritual teachers commanded us to humble ourselves to the great interconnection of all, to the circle that knows no sides.  For those of you who can step with childlike openness, with the courage to taste the very Being of Oneness, transformation is upon us.  On 1/11/11, at 11:11 your time zone, please consider a pause to feel this Divine energy.  The adolescent mindset of “two” will diminish as we move to unveil the power of compassion.  Congress will reduce it’s fighting, the power and futility of war will be questioned, we’ll take a compassionate look at immigration, the War on Terror, divisional political and religious dogma, and hopefully grow deeper in our patience and love for one another.

Nature’s Law of Unity confirms that everything affects everything.  Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Dr. King, Mandella and a number of other spiritual leaders have clearly shown that where our notions of ‘two’ begin, our violence begins.  In Absolute Truth, the heart knows deep down that all is One.  John Lennon wrote, “Imagine the world will be One”.  Our great teachers have said that it is, we just need to wake to it.  In a universe of One, there’s no room for exception, no room for separation, and no room for judgment.

So tomorrow, no matter where your semantics are, please consider pausing for Oneness.  As Thich Knat Hahn affirms, we can always touch peace.  May we feel a shift tomorrow during this ‘one-drous’ year of ’11.  May you feel the ‘One-der’ as you step into that still space of interconnection.  In light of the Tucson shooting, a gift of the tragedy is the wake-up call for harm caused from malicious speech.  As we all deepen through our grief, may we further align with the heart’s resonance to One.  It’s a day to honor, to move beyond religion and politics, beyond notions of greed, fear and ignoring, to ‘touch, taste, smell, hear, and see the Presence of One.  It truly is a time of awakening to the Power of One (Love, God, Peace, Joy).

The Blessing of One is one of life’s greatest ‘One-ders’.

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