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So Just ‘What’ Are We Working to Wake Up To?

Published on 17/08/10
by randy

When I was twenty-nine my mother was in her last days with her body.  She would let it go within weeks from asking me, “Randy, just ‘what’ are you holding on to?”  I had expressed my anger and frustration for letting her body go so soon.  Her question came from a higher place as I witnessed a yellow/blue aura surrounding her fading body.  It ripped the grasping mind from beneath me as we touched a moment that changed me forever.  Outside of time/space notions, we had gone from the small hope of wanting things different to the Big Hope that all is one in ‘this’ arising moment.  The obstacle of judging ‘this’ moment good or bad had been removed.  In the fullness of our emptiness, we faced the life/death moment as miraculous ‘change’.

When people ask me about ‘what’ we wake to, it’s simply to ‘this moment’.  It’s the grand affirmation to what ‘is’, no longer chasing thoughts about what was or what we wish to come.  It’s coming home to feeling ‘this’ breath, touching awareness to ‘this’ feeling, in full arrival to heaven, here and now.  It’s the courage to live in the realm of ‘no complaint, no complaint’.  It’s the strength to face each moment new, no matter what.  It’s the discipline to make space for finding the gift in what’s given, no matter what.

Can I wake up to the felt awareness that everything is connected?  Am I cultivating the deeper feeling that everything affects everything, everything being joined?  Am I strengthening my ‘Yes’ to this living moment or feeding my ‘No’?  Am I waking to new found mystery and curiosity or stuck in my beliefs and notions of ‘rightness’?  Simply put, am I waking to peace or separation?

In our polarizing times this is very difficult work.  May my mother’s words soften your day in appreciation to ‘this’ moment?  May you find the extraordinary in the ordinary?  In honor to my father’s gentle mind, may you live a life without complaint?  In peace and full blessing, we share this precious moment.  Yes!  Thank you.

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