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Ride at Washington Square August 26, Sept. 5 and 23

Published on 17/08/10
by randy

Oh the times are a changing as summer shows signs of yielding to fall.  We hope you can join Ride at The Square on one or more of our dates, for summer’s end, for celebration and honor to the staff, or to usher in fall.

Famous bluesman, Otis Spann, sings, “When you in trouble, blues is a man’s best friend. Blues don’t care where you goin’ and don’t care where you been.”  There’s a tremendous healing quality that comes from the depth of the belly, found so solid in the blues.  We invite you to come out and share this energy with us.

On Sunday, Sept. 5, we play outside on the patio, 7-11pm, in honor to all the hard work performed by Washington Square staff.  This is a Labor Day celebration and we hope you’ll come out to help us honor their dedicated work and service.

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