just be it It’s about the work involved in establishing a dedicated practice to feelings of a bigger belonging through practices aimed at increasing feelings of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness

The Joy Found in “Just Be”

Published on 25/07/21
by randy

There’s tremendous joy and peace that comes from “not thinking“. We’re born into this world before thought. The craving mind has not developed, the mind that leads to so much suffering. As we grow, we receive reinforcement and hopefully the good approval from others as we begin our journey from nobody to somebody. We find praise or complaint for what we accumulate and for what we do. We become attached to identities that lead us along this journey. So we go from “being“ to reinforcement and praise for “having” and “doing“ and if all goes well, we come to that place again of “just being“. There’s no longer the craving to have. No longer the craving “to do” motivated by our need for the good approval of others. Within this “being“ state we practice awareness and wake up to the interdependence of all. There’s no need to fix, no need to change another, no need to “be right“, no need to win at another’s expense, etc.  There’s just a commitment to engage the moment in complete awareness. This is the state of love. This is bliss. This is harmony, alignment, peace and joy. It’s not a static state. The next craving or the next fear is just around the corner. Yet, this is where our real spiritual security lives. It’s a state of “no complaint, no complaint”. Free from anger and greed, it’s a place of light, positive energy, gratitude, and higher vibration.  As we move through life we witness the illusion of happiness from “to have“ and the illusion of happiness from “to do“. As we witness the inevitable aging of the body, the inevitable moments of “dis-ease“, the surrender of the body and the inevitable letting go of all that we have and all that we’ve done, we face impermanence. We’re free from the typical anxiety and worry. We touch the ultimate, that space where the only response is “yes” and “thank you”.  We touch that space of wonder as we leave worry  behind.

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