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I Admit “I don’t know”

Published on 05/05/20
by randy

Can we have people just sit in silence? Can we humble ourselves to not knowing? Can we explicitly say “I admit I don’t know everything“? Can we collectively breathe in and breathe out in gratitude for the opportunity to just be here, to just be present? Can we admit we don’t know when consciousness enters the brain or when it leaves the body? Can we allow compassion and love for one another to rule those decisions rather than the fixed beliefs of those who have done everything to gain power over us? Can we aim to not cause harm? Can we aim for the best for all with harm to none? Can we recognize this life that we’ve been given is precious moment by moment?   No judgment.  No complaint.  Just breathing in “yes” to this moment, just breathing out “thank you” for this moment.

That's it. What Next?

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