just be it It’s about the work involved in establishing a dedicated practice to feelings of a bigger belonging through practices aimed at increasing feelings of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness

Going ‘Nowhere’, Being ‘Nobody’

Published on 24/05/20
by randy

Fluid, fresh, always moving.

Zen is about going nowhere, being nobody.  It’s about breaking the illusion of subject vs object.  It’s about relational awareness rather than consumptive unawareness, about whole hearted collaboration rather than hurtful competition.  It’s about gratitude rather than complaint, resting in the peace of what’s given in the arising moment.  Zen is about wholesome living, living from awareness to the whole and to healing, from  stewardship and the whole heart, wholesome action, speech and thought.  Zen is about the unified experience, welcoming the challenges of impermanence, grounded in the groundless moment.

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