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Settling into the Mystery

Published on 13/04/20
by randy

Now is the time to increase capacity to meet change (impermanence) with equanimity.

It’s a time to find the value of ‘less can be more’

Use less toilet paper and appreciate it more.  Less water and appreciate it more.  Less food and appreciate it more.  Lesson your load and appreciate it more.

Discover the spiritual and scientific truth that joy is the necessary consequence of truth.

Leave a lighter footprint, not from fear but from a sense of stewardship for others and those who follow.  Real happiness and well being comes from awareness, little self (ego) settling the big Self (inter Being), settles into the curious open mind beyond judgment and assumption.  It humbles in fullness to the unknown, the Mystery (God, Divine, Allah, Jehovah, Ram, whatever name you use). Discover the Original Face, the one worn before the parents were born.

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