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As I Get Closer to My Last Breath I’m More Motivated to Celebrate My  First Breath

Published on 07/09/18
by randy


The Dali Lama says our main purpose here is to live in joy.  Brother David, a Benedictine monk, says we can always find joy in gratitude practice.  When asked, “Gratitude for what?”, he responds, “Gratitude for the opportunity to participate”.  I have my thoughts about how I got here, some concepts and theories that give me a sense of belonging.  Yet, when pushed to what I really know, the explicit answers have not come.  However, I do know that ‘I’ did not make me.  The heart that beats was a gift.  The lungs that breath were not my creation.  This very body that  continues to serve me took its first breath Sept 15, 1950.  It has not escaped disease and injury nor my periodic lapses of stewardship to its care.  And yes, I can get depressed when contemplating the inevitable moment when I will say goodbye to it.  Today, however, I’m filled with great joy for the opportunity to plan another birthday week filled with family, boardsport, nature, music and friends.  


Saturday:  Ride Blues Band reunion Washington Square,  White Bear Lake, MN  9-midnite

Ride Blues Band


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