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How Will We Heal?

Published on 09/08/20
by randy

We either separate and wound or collaborate and heal

I’m a US citizen, member of the human species and one of your constituents.  You can preach all you want about how you’re going to change things, how your opponent must be blamed for all that’s wrong, and continue the myopic strategies that have stalled our human capacity to meet ever accelerating change in climate, technology and globalization.

Yet, if you can’t show me you have strong active listening skills, if you can’t dedicate time to hear “the people’s” concerns, I have somehow lost hope.

Before you do anything or say anything, I want to know specifically how you’re going to heal the wounds created by our polarized country.  How will you get people to be friends rather than enemies?  How will you get people to stop yelling?  What will you do specifically to get the needle to move from “right vs. wrong” to  “maybe, maybe not”.  Would you endorse a change in congress where Democrats and Republicans sat next to each other?  Would you endorse a mandate where congress members were required to stay in Washington one weekend a month to socialize in bipartisan fashion at the White House?  Would you be willing to open each session with the pledge, “I admit I do not know everything”, showing at least a minimal willingness to explore issues with a more open mind?  Do you think the president has too much authority and would you support a wisdom council to strengthen more appropriate actions from the president?  This council could be made from past presidents, vice presidents and cabinet members who stayed the course through at least one term without sanctions.  The year is 2020 and we must have 20/20 vision that comes from open, collaborative minds.  Stale, old school dogmas that continue to be pushed in near sighted, myopic thinking threaten us all.  When all we can do is yell at each other, the future for our children is gravely at risk.  We’ve got enough candidates flaunting their ability “to fight”.  I’m looking for representation to the “open mind” that is cogently aware of our precarious time.  Again, my first question is directed to specifically what are your plans to break the walls and heal the wounds of our polarized country, of our polarized global community? Show me that you’re collaborative and not predatory.  Show me a flexible, open mind with imagination, 20/20 vision and a capacity to explore in these rapidly changing times.

That's it. What Next?

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