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Who’s Your Real Provider

Published on 21/10/16
by randy




Who’s Your Real Provider?

I was taken by a recent video taken from the wisdom of former Supreme Court Justice, David Souter. He describes a dire turn for our country when we succumb to electing a leader who claims he can solve our problems and end our suffering. The notion of supporting someone because you ‘think’ they’re going to save you is filled with fear and doubt. True faith cultivates a ‘knowing’ that you’ve always been supported, you are supported and you always will be supported. It stands outside of time and space and resides deep in the heart. Touching this confidence comes from touching stillness beyond the limits of language and thought. It breaks the barrier of ‘thinking we’re separate’. In the film series ‘Breaking Bad’, the lead character is led to causing great harm and violence through his drive to ‘be the provider’. Today’s gross unequal dispersion of wealth is a result of those who would attempt to take the role of ‘provider’. Yet, our real faith comes in accepting this moment in it’s fullness with the full support of that which is bigger than us. When we surrender the cleverness of our thoughts and just sit with one another we’re humbled to the ground, filled with wonder for all that we don’t know. We strengthened to meet the unknown. We have the courage to meet one another in our joy and in our suffering. Our real provider is often named God, but since the meaning of the word is in the person, there are enough meanings for that name as there are people. The arrogant will push their meaning on others with a sense of being the ‘provider’ themselves. The human being will let go thoughts of knowing and allow the divine mystery to work through them. There we find freedom from thoughts of insufficiency, fears of punishment, judgment and shame. It’s where we find the precious moment in its transience and the peace and harmony of the divine mystery in all beings and things.

We’re living in momentous times where the wolf addresses the sheep in provider sheep clothing. The human desire to supplant God with their ‘doing’ and ‘saving’ results in political candidates like Donald Trump and leaders like Putin, Assad, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and the list goes on. Their greed for power lifts them to power from the negative emotions of fear and anger. The overriding sentiment is one of division, being #1, and building walls. The ignorance of our inter dependence threatens our children, our environment and our very democracy. Our survival and thriving as a democracy depends upon our willingness to sit in stillness as we listen for direction from divine providence. This planet is so precious. Our children are precious. The very next breath we take is opportunity to express gratitude for the very gift of life. Real faith revolves around listening. It’s unfortunate that the skill of listening is not even on the table as today’s political campaigns revolve around the communicative element of expression, often to the point where they speak at the same time. Too bad, because it’s only through stilling the mind, looking at one another’s humanity with compassion, that we can secure our real security, touching the ground of a bigger provider.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
H. L. Mencken

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