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My Vote

Published on 26/09/12
by randy

I will not vote for greed and capitalism without moral conscience.

I will not vote from fear and anger.

I will not vote from the illusion that we are separate from one another.

I will not vote for the closed mind that ‘thinks’ it has all the answers.

I will not vote for those who think their religion is the only right one.

I will vote for shared pain and gain.  I prefer to call it kindness and opportunity rather than the currently accepted label of ‘entitlement’.  I will vote for health care and educational opportunities for all and for the preservation of human rights from those who would oppress those freedoms.

I will vote from a sense of stewardship and faith that we’re safely held by the whole universe, whatever label we may use for this.

I will vote from reliance upon divine providence, from what God would do in the best interest of the planet, the international community, the nation, the state, the community and the family.

I will vote for bigger understanding to the challenges of today’s changing world, for open minds and for dialogue over monologue.

I will vote for the candidate skilled at speaking to today’s challenging and fast changing religious climate, for the candidate who heals our global community rather than the one who inflames anger through arrogant notions of having the ‘right’ answer.

Ancient Hawaiian spirituality calls it “best for All with harm to none”.  It’s a high standard to aim for, but one that’s been directed from the core of all spiritual traditions.  I will vote for this candidate when he/she shows up.  And finally, I will allow you to vote for what and who you feel you must vote for without attempts to change you.  Please allow me the same.

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