just be it It’s about the work involved in establishing a dedicated practice to feelings of a bigger belonging through practices aimed at increasing feelings of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness

Published on 21/03/11
by randy

When the mind leaves Love (the Divine), obstacles appear.

The illusion is that I somehow “am” this body and this mind, somehow separate in my sense of ownership.  Yet, in truth, I have no idea about who I was before entering this body or what/who I’ll be when this body wears out.  As my awareness deepens to the illusion of thoughts, I can see how they are just mental formations that can carry me further and further from the reality of the next arising moment.  Yet, there’s a truth that forever keeps feeding this consciousness, a command to Love in the face of the delusive separating mind.  At the end of the day we seem to find the journey wasn’t about some spiritual linear achievement but about our capacity to choose Love.  At the end of our occupation of this body we all surrender it, we all experience the body’s wearing out, we all say good bye to our friends/family/stuff, and we all have the wake of actions taken while inhabiting this body.  At some point we come to see the journey wasn’t about what we have, what we’ve achieved, or how much people seem to like us.  Our peace or misery comes from a review of how dedicated we’ve been in dropping our obstacles to Love.

A spiritual practice dedicated to dropping the illusion of a separated ego seems essential.  Some have referred to this process as ‘self settling into Self’.  Actions directed from Self are without exception driven from Love.  Any notion of ownership appears absurd and there’s a sense of radical humility in the less obstructed journeyman.  The lower vibration of the separated mind more frequently moves from fear.  Caught in perceptions of ‘right’, the wake of these actions is usually turbulent, disharmonious, and out of rhythm to the beauty of the Divine.  Interestingly, those choosing Love (Oneness) by definition must drop their obstacles to those choosing Fear (Twoness).  There can be no exception to One just as there can be no exception to choosing Love.

So where does violence begin; where is opportunity robbed; where is harm done?  Without exception, harm occurs when actions move from a sense of separation.  Violence begins where the sense of belonging stops.  The practice is to forever deepen the sense of interconnection.  The perception of helping or hurting another vanishes as we deepen the felt sense of Oneness, helping or hurting self as Self.  In choosing Love, the choice seems to be full acceptance of the moment, no matter what.  Instead of ‘my’ body, it’s ‘this’ body, gifted to me, meeting ‘this’ moment, gifted to me.  The mind’s work is to dig for the gift of what’s given.  The will is needed to make space for drilling into the mystery of what ‘is’.  Meditation/prayer seem to be the best process.

The aim is to drop obstacles to Love, to live in appreciation for what’s been given, to meet others’ restlessness as our own, to forgive mistakes, to have the courage to openly meet new arising moments free from judgment, yet forever motivated from Love and our sense of interconnection.

The journey…..to drop our obstacles to Love.

The gift…the opportunity to participate.

The result…sustainable joy and a rhythmic/harmonious wake.

That's it. What Next?

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