just be it It’s about the work involved in establishing a dedicated practice to feelings of a bigger belonging through practices aimed at increasing feelings of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness

June Inspirations

Published on 03/06/10
by randy

Being in the present is the opposite of trying to be in control.

The mystery of life deepens as the ordinary experience is extraordinary and the extraordinary increases in frequency from more vivid awareness.

Seek and do not find.

Do you want to be right or at peace?

Embrace your restlessness. Look at it and still in silence to your ‘inner knowing’. Then let go your desire to have things other than they are. This is hard work, this letting go, but it’s how we learn.

The poisons:

Greed: If I only have enough, then I’ll be happy.

Fear: If only things were different from what they are now (either from past…victim, or fear about things not turning out as hoped for). My expectations were not met somehow and I’m locked into negative feelings, or my hope for the future is gone, faith lost.

Ignoring: This moment is so uncomfortable that I’ll just ignore it and I’ll not take the opportunity to participate in it. (get drunk or drugged, TV, spectator sports, gambling and other activities aimed to numb our restlessness)

Good food, bad food. If it results in sustained joy, probably good food. If it results in short term pleasure and consequent pain, perhaps bad food.

Sukka…the Sanskrit word for ‘to be at peace’
Dukka..the Sanskrit word for un-ease, lack of peace.

Our advertising and news feed our lack of peace. In advertising, the message has transformed from, “Buy this and you’ll be happy.” to “You can’t be happy without this”. Our news focuses almost completely on what’s gone wrong rather than celebrating all that’s gone right. Advertising and conflict news breed un-ease, dukka. Compassion, gratitude, and embracing the gift of the present moment feed lasting joy.

Where’s the pull come from, love or fear? The heart only knows love and requires the practice of stilling the restless mind. In silence/awareness practice we deepen to hear the divine truth the heart knows. Fear pulls from the reasoning mind, creating more suffering and seldom helps us. We become our fullest expression when we’re forever pulled to the edge from deep heart listening. The challenge is to forever remove the obstacles created from a restless mind so that we may go deeper in our life journey. It’s about cleaning ourselves from the ‘mind junk’ so we can be more effective through deeper felt interconnection, often referred to as compassion (meeting one another’s dis-ease in love and felt connection).

What drives you? Are your actions fueled from a sense of push or pull? Push fuels from greed or fear? Pull fuels from deep knowing resulting from deep heart listening. When we make space for the practice of gratitude and listening, curiosity opens us to hear the Divine within. This fire that needs no wood, passion, forever feeds. the courage to take action on the pull. You’re not ‘doing’ to please others, from fear or to fix others. Your ‘doing’ is completely tuned to your ‘being’ as you become the fullest expression of yourself. In gratitude you experience lasting joy for seizing the opportunity to participate in 100% attention to the present moment. Finding the gift in the given (this arising moment) comes from a non-obstructed mind. An non-obstructed mind comes from a practice of deep listening, stilling the myriad of aimless thoughts rushing through the mind, touching the core of heart knowing.

Allow heaven’s arrival, here and now.

Pray for conversation, removal of obstacles, the curious mind, and the lasting joy the comes from the courage to drill deeper.

Joy…just be it. Curious…just be it. Open…just be it. Grateful…just be it. Here and now…just be it. Heart…just be it. Divine…just be it.

That's it. What Next?

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