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Vibration Lost?

Published on 04/03/10
by randy

Wave crashes on the shore, realizing it's vibration has always been water.

As energy dissipates, it’s easy to slip into depression.  There’s great pain in feeling things will never be the same.  The Law of Impermanence seems to be what fuels our drive to ‘wake up’.  Wherever we look, the Second Law of Thermodynamics is at work, energy dissipating and the apparent felt separation from what was.  We hit the bell and perceptually notice the disappearance of sound.  And yet, we now know the sound never disappears.  We now know that nothing disappears, it just dissipates its energy of vibration.  No doubt, we can grow a louder vibration when conditions are right, yet we know it will entropy naturally as conditions become ‘not right’, the inevitable.  It’s why we have a multibillion dollar plastic surgery industry, why some try to freeze their bodies, and why we spend fifty billion dollars of our health care budget with valiant efforts to stop this process, trying to save people during the last two months of their lives.

So what to do?  We can hide behind myth that’s clearly out of step with our contemporary ‘knowing’.  We can numb ourselves with media consciousness shaping, glued to the TV for hours.  We can immerse ourselves into the spectator sports world.  We can join an organization dedicated to the belief that change can be stopped and we can become very angry as a result.  We can numb ourselves with various addictions that temporarily comfort us only to bring us further from our life vibrancy.  We can pursue increasing amounts of pleasure and consumption, only to realize the happiness is fleeting and the collateral damage very painful.  We can try to escape our awareness to the demise of heath care and education at the expense of morally exempt capitalism and militarism.   In effect, we can retreat from participation in stewarding the unified vibration because it hurts too much.

With courage, we can hold the curious mind.  We can ask the deeper, heart driven questions.  We can study those who’ve gone before with a sense of deep stewardship to those who will follow, knowing that we can never be ‘disconnected’.  We strike the bell.  We can all sense it, but some of us don’t hear it.  We’re too busy or too distracted.  Yet, the bell sounds and the vibration dissipates.  Yet, our deeper awareness takes great care in slowing our perception of the dissipated energy.  The music is alive.  Time and occasion, outside the realm of our known three dimensions, outside notions of beginning and ending.

The vibration is here and always will be here, penetrating all things.  Awareness is our security. Participating in the art of taking care is our action.  Home. Free. Free at last.  Vibration…Just Be it.

That's it. What Next?

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