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Season of Light

Published on 09/12/09
by randy

Morning Moon Shining

Morning Moon Shining

Yesterday we celebrated Buddha’s enlightenment 2439 years ago.  The word, Buddha, comes from the root of “to wake up”.  During this season celebrations around the world abound across a multitude of cultures and religions, all touching our deeper desire to connect with one another as we break darkness with light,  stirring our sleep with greater awareness and awakening.  We celebrated with morning meditations starting at 4:30, followed by silent conscious outdoor walking as we moved to the Mississippi River in search of the morning star.  The many Christmas lights and the moon served as our light in this early morning hour.  We touched a bigger hope in appreciation to our total connection with everything.  We later celebrated this day with our practice group at Rush City state prison.  We honored the lineage of our teachers, the effectiveness of the teachings in pointing us to a way for lasting happiness.  We discussed the difficulties of the season in a prison setting and how this practice can relieve suffering through a deeper sense of interconnection that breaks the boundaries of the prison wall.  In meditation, the men were directed to simply be aware of breathing in, and then aware of breathing out.  They were led in using the breath as a tool to return to the present moment, unbinding them from the thoughts generating their suffering.  The men spoke to the peace found through this practice expressing their gratitude for freedoms they didn’t know were possible in their setting.

We all bind ourselves in thought.  This limitation causes suffering.  Jesus and the Buddha taught us to relieve this suffering through ‘letting go’, through conscious forgiveness and compassion.  They both changed the world by shedding light on our interconnection with all people and things.  The message was simple, “Love one another as you love yourself”, “Forgive others for your perceived harm as you’d have them forgive you”, and align your actions with your heart for conscious, humble, mindful living in stewardship to body/mind/spirit, family, community, nation and planet.  Jesus brought light through the parable, drawing upon his listeners’ heart felt inner authority as he challenged them to their own truth.  Neither commanded their followers from a position of superiority.  They simply spoke from the light of love, forgiveness and gratitude, forever asking why we don’t behave as we know we must.  They spoke to the poisons of greed, ignorance and fear, to the darkness that engulfs us when numbed in awareness to our true heart’s desire.  They spoke to a lasting joy found within the present moment’s awareness.  They spoke to a joy that couldn’t be taken away, one that would not be dependent upon externals, a lasting happiness found in gratitude for the very gift of the given.  Outside of desire and attachment to past events or anxiety about future events, there’s a place of deep peace.  This is prayer for never ending joy, a deeper meditation touching the felt sense of our connection with all, beyond any notions of birth or death, right or wrong, etc.

In this season so often filled with anxiety for events that may not turn as expected, may we follow their advice and light the candle of love, forgiveness, and gratitude, diminishing the poisons of greed, ignorance and fear?  May we lay down our ego’s desire to be ‘right’, to judge, to persuade another to change to ‘our way’ as we find courage to just sit in joy for the very gift of being?  In this space, we’re solid.  In this space we grow courage and curiosity.  In this space we unbind ourselves from limiting barriers. In this space we speak less and listen more. In this space we’re not afraid to touch or be touched in loving compassion for one another.  In this space, in honor to Buddha and Jesus, we shine our light.

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