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Real Security

Published on 19/12/09
by randy

Eternal Vibration

Eternal Vibration

So where do you find your security?  Isn’t it when and where, here and now, you’re in the full embrace of all that’s contributed to your being you?  Isn’t it when you can move from any feelings of separateness to the full, complete, felt sense of wholeness, even when everything seems to be going wrong?  Isn’t this a space that stands completely outside the realm of belief, attachment, and restlessness?  Real security is spiritual, accepting all that is within this moment, yet participating fully to our opportunity to ‘take care’ of this moment as we’re taking care of the universe.  In essence, real security is love without boundary and condition.  Real security gives us courage to be curious.  Real security lets us stand like a mountain when the earthquake happens, secure in the ground of our Being, outside time and space, breathing in ‘Yes’ to life and increased awareness, breathing out ‘Thank you’ for the opportunity provided within the arising moment of the next breath.

Solid…Just Be it

Mountain…Just Be it

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