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The Fractal…Like Energy Clustering

Published on 07/06/09
by randy


A friend recently reported a strong unexpected physical reaction to the departure of student and fellow practitioner of a particular school of yoga.  Given the Law of Attraction, stating that which we give attention to grows stronger, it’s little wonder we feel a sense of loss when another’s energy diminishes through lack of physical presence.  Just as cells in the embryo cluster before they go off to make hands, feet, heart, lungs, etc., all life seems attracted to the similar, where the texture of life duplicates.  It seems that our ease in life is largely impacted by those we surround ourselves with.  As those with passions similar to ours nurture our spirits and deepen our passions, they also contribute to a felt pain and potential fear of entropy as we let them go.


We can see this in the inanimate world as well.  It’s more difficult to be a meadow on a mountain top than on the plains.  It’s more difficult to live as a wave in a pond than in an ocean.  It’s more challenging to be a mountain on its own (volcano) than one in a full mountain range.  With humans, we can see it’s more difficult to practice the laws of common sense when surrounded by extremists, more difficult to live in peace when surrounded by violence.  If you want your children to be close minded, steeped in a strong belief system, surround your children with closed minded people steeped in strong belief systems.  If you want your children open to receive new experience, surround them with people open to receive new experiences.  If you want children of fear, surround them with people of fear.  If you want courageous children, surround them with courageous people.  If you want to be angry, surround yourself with angry people, listen to angry radio and music, and watch angry TV.  If you want to appreciate the value in seeing the big through the small, be around people who appreciate seeing the big in the small.  If you want to erode your character and talents, be around those who erode their character and talents.  If you want to be sick, be around those who whine about their injury or sickness.  If you want to be strong, be around the strongest people who are able to be the hope and healing for those in suffering.


When looking at nature and fractals, with all the unique communities, can we see what we want to be around?  Is it a community that celebrates life, lives without fear in stewardship to the earth, one another, future generations, etc., in full joy and wonder for the mystery?  Do we want to be around awake people or those going to sleep?  The amount of joy or suffering we experience through life can very much be related to the energy we hang with.

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