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Ready, Reset, Be

Published on 05/05/09
by randy


Ready (Be Present), Reset (Empty), Be

We’re learning more and more about fractals and how repeating energy patterns work.  Ancient spiritual wisdom has directed us to release our attachment to the material if we’re to experience peace.  We’re directed to let go our identification with belief systems, achievements and accomplishments, and our accumulations.  And yet, this is a big leap.  More comforting is the notion of energy reset.  Essentially, is my practice deep enough to forever bring me back to the surprise of beginning?  Am I awake enough to forever touch the moment’s wonder, beyond notions of expectation and knowing?


My heart says loud and clear that everything is in everything.  I can smell the power of the infinite spiral over the mind’s tug from linear time.  And yet, who am I but the moment’s awareness, forever sensitive to the power of fractal energy.  In essence, my circle of belonging must never close.  Practice of the heart simply can’t process criticism, complaint and judgment.  Heart practice can’t rehearse.  It accepts what is, in all of its ‘that-ness’, forever connected in loving, positive energy.  Heart practice is driven from curiosity and authentic desire to learn and grow. Actions and intention move from the heart with the innate vow to not harm. 


As we move deeper in life we grow a deeper listening.  With a more awakened ‘doing’ from a felt deeper sense of connection to ‘all’, common sense forever leads us to decisions that are best for all with harm to none.  The notion of debate, persuasion, negotiation, selfish interest, selfish power at the expense of others, and our low form of politics and justice are obsolete to the effectiveness of dialog and circle communication process.  Moving forever from separation to joining, from wounding to healing, we become aware of the repeating patterns of harm vs. no harm.  Yes, my head brain lives from generations of those who’ve come before me.  It instructs me to be clever, to amass more stuff, and to strive for recognition for what I’ve done and what I have.  And my stomach brain forever pulls me to judgment of good and bad and a strong desire to fix things.  And my sex brain is wrestling with the dissolution of form and body change.  And how wonderful life balance is when authority over all these brains is given to the heart. No harm is done.


Interfaith endeavors drive from the heart.  Collaborative diplomacy works when it drives from the heart.  A deeper education ensues when it comes from heart’s passion and thirst to study with genuine curiosity.  Health care heals when the patient becomes actively involved in participatory wholeness.  Notions of helpee/victim vs. helper/power authority vanish as we forever ‘reset’ beyond what we identify with.


Here’s the trick.  We don’t disappear.  Energy patterns forever repeat.  Family most readily shows this as the passions of my father, mother, grandfather and grandmother, great grandfather and great grandmother, and on and on, forever live within the moment of this experience.  And now as I experience deeper awareness to my grandchildren, my heart explodes with joy in honoring them as ancestors of the future–the children who will in some way be recipients of this work of transformation and ‘reset’.


These children will move from head and stomach’s desire to fight and separate.  Real security will not come from guns, military, walls and fences, cognitive religious belief systems and power struggles.  It will come from our disciplined practice to pay attention with deep acceptance to what is, to ‘reset’ in wonder, gratitude, and surprise to the ‘arising moment’, and ultimately align with heart’s knowing that we are each other.


So next time, when things don’t happen as expected, ‘reset’!  This is great opportunity for gratitude practice.  Reset to zero, and all is gift.  Reset to zero doesn’t wipe out the felt energy of past experience.  That fractal energy pattern lives forever.  It simply lifts the weight of unconsciousness from us, providing the energy to once again touch the moment.


So next time you find yourself drawn to unconsciousness and separation, breath in a resounding affirmation to ‘this moment’.  Do you ‘reset’ awareness when watching TV, surfing the Internet, consuming food and beverage, rising from bed, making love, playing sport, going to bed, etc.?  The formula of Ready, Reset, Be provides great spiritual security in these rapidly changing times.  

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