just be it It’s about the work involved in establishing a dedicated practice to feelings of a bigger belonging through practices aimed at increasing feelings of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness


Published on 17/11/08
by randy

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The wave...just Be it.

The wave...just Be it.

Cultivating Increased Awareness and Gratitude for the Gift of Opportunity within the Present Moment

Brother David Steindl Rast has put his finger upon the issue of accountability and meaning stating a command to always ask:

  1. What do I mean?  (This relates to impeccability of speech)
  2. How do I know?  (If it’s not from direct experience, best to be quiet)
  3. So what?  (What is the meaning, intent and purpose of the expression)

With this criterion in mind, Just Be It, Inc. is about the following:

“It’s about the dedicated practice of felt awareness and gratitude to the present moment for the purpose of living well and in joy.”

“It’s about establishing daily practices for the purpose of cultivating an increased feeling of joining and belonging, weeding away the gravity of life’s pull to separation.”  Based on deepening awareness to feeling and stilling mental formations, Just Be It acknowledges compassion, gratitude and forgiveness as “feelings” we can deepen by quieting the mind’s separating activity.”

Just Be It is not philosophy.  It’s not religion.  It’s not about thoughts.  In answer to, “So what?” it’s about the work involved in establishing a dedicated practice to feelings of a bigger belonging through practices aimed at increasing feelings of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness.  It’s about cultivating the felt sense of our connection with everything on a belief stimulated through quantum theory and ancient spiritual wisdom and personally substantiated through direct experience.  It’s about assisting others in establishment of dedicated gratitude practice, awareness practice, listening practice, forgiveness practice, and compassion practice for the purpose of feeling a deeper connection with our larger community.  It’s about training to still the dissonance of the separating thoughts of mind to better align with the harmony and rhythm of nature within the present moment.

This is practice dedicated to the shift in values and identities from doing to being; from ambition to meaning; from “I” to “we”; and from head to heart  for the purpose of living a more whole life.

Katagiri Roshi on “Just Be” from Each Moment Is the Universe

“Ignorance is a misunderstanding because in terms of reality there is no separation—everything is interconnected.  Yet, because of ignorance, we experience ourselves as separate, and we feel dissatisfied.

As human beings, we always base our thoughts on this misunderstanding.  We always feel that something is missing from our lives.  We think that to live a peaceful life we must get something that is outside ourselves.  Then we try to get it.  But actions based on thirsty desire just become the cause of more suffering.  That is why Buddha’s teaching that suffering arises from desire based on ignorance is the second Noble Truth.

Buddha also taught that everyone has the capability to go beyond the ordinary body and mind and be fully present in impermanence with the whole body and mind.  Then ignorance, desire, and suffering all disappear.  That is the freedom we are seeking, the pure and clear state of existence where nothing is missing, the place where all we can do is just be.  Then, from that place, truth comes up.”

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