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Common Sense

Published on 03/03/22
by randy

Common sense comes from the senses, not from common belief. When we can listen deeply we can sense the interconnection of all things. We are amazed with the gifts of these bodies, the air, the land, the water and the sunshine. Listening deeply brings us to our knees in humility, to this very gift of life and the nature of impermanence. In the song “Amazing Grace“ the line is ‘I was blind, but now I see’. It’s not talking about thoughts or beliefs, but senses. When we’re willing to hurt another there’s always a belief system behind it. We somehow think we’re right and we’re afraid others will hurt us if they don’t think or believe what we believe. Yet, our healing will come from our pledge of allegiance to not cause harm… to one another, to ourselves, to the community, the other creatures on the planet. When we can see that everything is sacred we have come to that place of acknowledging “common ground“. When we can touch this place of common sense and common ground we have no other choice but to respect each other. And with this bigger belonging, with his common sense, we have the faith to allow a bigger answer… a bigger solution… a collaborative effort that is far better than anything our reasonable minds could come up with by ourselves.

Amazing Grace…was blind, but now I see

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