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Cracked Open Again

Published on 17/05/20
by randy

Cracked open again, cup turned over, faith reveals a light at the end of the tunnel.

We are all cooked. We all get worked through life. We all know the depths of gain and loss, the highs and lows of birth and death, the emotions that come from gratitude and complaint. Perhaps the more painful part of the cooking process is moving into nobody land. After spending a lifetime of going deeper into a profession or a field of study it’s most painful when the wisdom garnished over a lifetime is disregarded. Yet, this is the way it goes. The ego hungers for validation from a lifetime of dedication. Yet wisdom knows that the cooking process is all about letting go, turning the cup over, and surrendering our attachments to identities we put on like another layer of clothing. Real living comes about when we strip naked and stand before the Mystery in faith to the surprise of the next arising moment. We want to help. We want to fix. We want to show others how life has worked for us and how it has not worked for us. And when we attach to this, we suffer more. The only response is to love without condition. This is real wholeness at work. So I humble myself to the earth, letting go my attachments to being special and of importance, dedicating each moment in stewardship to the care and well-being of what’s before me, whatever that is.  There is always light in the crack, light at the end of the tunnel.  Resilience is all about taking one step closer to that light.

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