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The Never Ending War and Finding our True Voice

Published on 16/10/15
by randy



Today I’m reposting from something written in December of 2008.  Yesterday our President rescinded his promise to get us out of the Middle East military debacle.  In 2002 almost every expert in Mid East studies warned that once we invade one of their countries, we’ll never get out.  They almost unanimously said it would stir a hornet’s nest with no end.  They also said that no matter what we do, when we leave there will be a blood bath.  This was a foregone conclusion with Iraq.  It’s also forecast for Afghanistan.  Nixon knew this with Vietnam, but he followed through and today we’re no longer fighting a war there.  Today we have those who would have us engage in military conflict with no end in sight.  Yes, I don’t have all the information, but as a country we need to ask some very important questions.  First, do we have accurate figures on how many of the Afghans want us there?  After just bombing a hospital, killing innocent civilians, what’s our strategy going forward toward what’s been called ‘collateral damage’?  We know that killing a civilian while going after terrorists creates a multiple of future terrorists.  Think about it.  You’re living your life and another country claims that they’ll make your life better.  You have no voice and they send a drone to your community, accidentally killing several family and friends.  They apologize and try to convince you that it’s for your own good.  Seems like most of us would radicalize at that point, no matter how good the sell pitch was for a more democratic society.  Finally, these wars seldom go well unless we’ve all got some ‘skin in the game’.  Our national safety nets are currently jeopardized, our infrastructure is falling apart, and we’re losing momentum in several areas where we used to lead as we essentially borrow money from China to fund our military.  We made better choices with Vietnam because everybody was in the game due to the draft.  Today a few in power make these massive decisions and we’re led to believe it doesn’t affect us.  But it does.  So let’s take the pain up front and impose a steep war tax to fund this military machine that’s currently bankrupting us.  I think we’ll soon learn just how willing everyone is to have the US act as a policeman to the world.  Yes, we all like to help clean up a mess.  We’ve seen it with friends and family involved with the difficulties of a marriage.  We step in and what happens?  They get back together, but hate us.  Solomon’s Wisdom suggests we not ‘meddle in other’s affairs’.  We blunder into our conflicts with other nations claiming that we had faulty intelligence.  Yet, the only real intelligence comes from when we deeply put ourselves in the shoes of our supposed enemy.  Yet, it seems our politicians and military leaders have very limited skill in this area.  Our spiritual traditions advise us strongly about the intentional harm we cause others, some calling it sin, others bad karma, etc.  Some would say it’s like the Golden Rule, saying we’d like a large country to step in and save us if we were an Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.   And then a drone, bullet or bomb mistakenly kills a dear friend or family member of yours.  It’s my view that our efforts in the Mid East went to waste with the first innocent civilians killed as we coldly labeled it ‘collateral damage’.  No, I’m not the ultimate pacifist.  But I will say President Obama’s decision to let this war drag on will go down as one of his biggest mistakes.  As a family, community, nation and global community, time’s running out for ‘finding our true voice’.


Finding Our True Voice

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

The politics of fear, sold through the voice of an authoritarian parent figure, limits our voice to the short term.  We end up with a focus on “self defense”, praying that “Daddy” will take care of things.  The selling comments are generally of separation.  For example, “We’ve got to get them before they get us” breeds a military of force with unlimited expenditure.  There’s a nationalistic focus with unquestioning loyalty to the parent figures in charge.  This approach quiets the populace, diminishing the questioning of authority to an act judged unpatriotic. Today, even through our election process, few contenders question the federal budget dedication to “self defense” and debt service.  A focus from fear does not align with a stewardship and more often than not drives from greed and ignorance.


A politics driven from sense of stewardship and vision aims to the long term.  Many indigenous tribes ran their visions seven generations out. Rather than spending 60% of every discretionary tax dollar on “self defense”, the primary focus would be on “Self defense”.  Our political decisions would be driven from a longer term perspective, would recognize the speed of change, our planetary interconnection, and our mandate to collaborate internationally for the health and well being of future generations.  A platform of Self-defense would aim to nurturing our planet from moderation and gratitude.  It would recognize that harm done to any life is harm done to oneself.  As such, a new voice would vision a planet aiming to a radical transition from our current politics of fear, greed and ignorance.  A true citizenry of hope would recognize that if we can’t “see” it, how in the world can we expect to manifest it?  With a vision of doom and gloom, anger and blame, fear and despair, we present a collective consciousness that does not bode well for future generations.  It’s time we all sat in front of the future generations and addressed long term stewardship.


“Dear grandsons and grand daughters, great grandsons and great grand daughters, and on and on, may we always drive our thoughts, emotions and actions from what’s best for all with harm to none?  We here present our vision for a planet of healing and nourishment for future generations. Please hear our words.”


  1. We vision a politic that focuses on compassion, generosity and moderation.Decisions in family, community, nation and planet will be driven from a perspective of “what’s best for all with harm to none”.


  1. We vision a politic that views our children as our most valuable natural resource. As such, budgetary spending will focus upon enhanced health and education to meet the rapidly changing universe with the skills necessary of harmonious living. National budgets from all nations will be transparent, aiming to diminish the current trend toward ever increasing military spending.  Military objectives will command service without harm.  We vision a planet void of nuclear weapons.  The international community will not be tolerant of actions that harm innocent civilians and all citizens will be able to witness diplomatic forums where those who violate the law of harmony find their voice.  Healing will come from genuine aim to understanding rather than forced military actions that risk harm to even one innocent civilian.


  1. We vision a politic where profit is taken away from those engaged in war, health care or education process. A moral conscience will once again be restored when the corporate world’s current profit only motive is eliminated. We vision a planet where all citizens nourish body and mind through adequate food, shelter and education.  In the spirit of “pursuit of happiness”, all citizens will have opportunity, regardless of sex, race, nationality, age, etc.


  1. We vision a world of tolerance and understanding. Citizens will be mandated to study history to be sure not to repeat the same mistakes, to study various spiritual traditions for similarities and differences, to care for the body with regular exercise and meditation, and to view all personal, business and political decisions from a perspective of long term effect. Whether from the science of quantum physics or ancient spiritual wisdom, citizens will hold deep regard for our delicate interconnectivity. Everyone counts, every thought and feeling matters, every action affects everything. A refocus on the arts, on rhythm and harmony, curiosity, and disciplined resolve to go deeper, will drive our humanity’s evolution.


  1. We vision a world where all citizens are taught the laws of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness, not as religious dictates, but as necessary practices for the very survival of humanity.


  1. We vision a planet of wisdom councils.Elders of the family, community, nation and planet will meet to take action on various issues of concern.  All laws will be directed from the mandate of “best for all with harm to none”.  When unique circumstances present to these councils, they will be addressed accordingly rather than rubber stamped from a law upheld by biased “parental” court figures.  The pro life/ pro choice conflict will vanish as people see they are pro life and pro choice, addressing issues from best for all, harm to none.  An attitude of “I know that” will shift to an attitude of curiosity, understanding and compassion.


  1. We vision a planet where nurturing, stewardship and the art of “taking care” takes a front position to the parasite of greed, ignorance and fear.In the healing of our planet, America, community and family, we recognize that change happens, energy dissipates, and our commanded purpose is to slow entropy, nurture one another, and forever hold aim to a better world for our children. Our command is to care for the body/mind, hold feelings of hope and well-being, love our family with deep resolve, actively contribute to and participate in our community, and hold reverence for the very gift of life on this planet.

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