just be it It’s about the work involved in establishing a dedicated practice to feelings of a bigger belonging through practices aimed at increasing feelings of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness

A Collection of Thoughts Passing

Published on 16/11/10
by randy

Do you want to feel all right? Then give up the thought that you’re right.

Settle the mind into silence and then you’ll experience reality.

Creative art may come from the subconscious or unconscious, but definitely not from the self-conscious.

The antidote to the pain of greed is generosity and simplicity.

“If your mind leaves the sound of the horn, obstacles will appear.”  William Adams

Consider a screenplay entitled  “Stuff”

I don’t really care what political party you are.  Are you capable of having a conversation about the stewardship of family, community, nation and planet?

Entitled to Nothing.  Grateful for Everything.

Let’s explore just how you belong.  How far will you go?  Where you stop is where violence begins.  (a case for open minds)

The illusion is that things stop.

Conformity is overrated.  Winning is overrated.  Just aim to be your best expression with harm to none.

Aging…do it softly.  Let the eyes surrender detail of entropy.  Go deeper.

Deeper doesn’t mean more.  More doesn’t mean deeper.  More is not necessary.  Deeper is.

Aging and life experience produces asymmetry.  Our work is to hold balance, alignment and energy.  This takes discipline.

It’s important to teach our children that ‘empty = full’ and ‘empty = not empty’.  It’s a deeper question without answer.

Our practice is to let go the ‘thought’ that we’re separate, cultivating the deeper experiential feeling that we’re connected, belong and never alone.

The paradox is that when practicing ‘mindfulness’, the mind must be emptied.

For parents, don’t become obedient to the child.  Become obedient to dedicated stewardship of the child’s welfare, health and education.

When the mind leaves the posture (the breath, the tone, the present moment, God), obstacles appear.

The poisons are fear, greed and ignoring.

The antidotes are love/generosity, gratitude/generosity, and awakened awareness/sharing.

Opening to joy for what we have slows greed’s venom, opening space for lasting satisfaction.

It’s all blessing.

I’ve arrived.  Now what?  Everything is still moving (changing).  Nothing stopped.

Beware (fear) or Be Aware (to love, generosity, forgiveness and gratitude)

Celebrate or cerebrate.  Feel or think?

To really appreciate full, it helps to know empty.  To really appreciate life, it helps to face and know death.

Judgement is an obstacle to love.

The brain can’t create and criticize within the same moment.

There is no audience.  Just the fear of judgment.  Be played to your fullest.

So where do we find sustaining joy?  It comes from the felt sense of full-ness, never from the felt sense of lack-ness.

There are different kinds of happy.  Cultivate our awareness to different kinds of happy.  You can’t build anything on a negative belief.  This determines creative beauty or ugly destruction.

Everything that’s happening is the expression of wholeness.

Thinking still happens after liberation, but there’s no one listening.

Simple, ordinary and absolutely stunning.  Everything arises as new in love-ness.

Meditation…not ‘trying’ to get away from thought, but aiming to enter thoughtlessness.

The greatest addiction (intoxicant) of all is the thought of ME.

No one has ever killed anybody.  The idea anyone has done anything falls apart.

I have my experience.  You have yours.  Mine can never be yours and yours can never be mine.  The illusion/delusion is that I can make mine yours.  This is where violence starts.

I can never have your experience, but deep listening and empathy helps me approach it.

The dualistic mind believes in permanence, yet impermanence is Life.

Not taking things for granted moves us to appreciation, awareness and great fullness, eventually arriving in joy.

How do contemporary physics teachers explain Oneness…the scientifically proven interconnection of all things?

The whole heart doesn’t know thought, words and the intellect.

Periodically fill out your ‘feeling’ card, on a 1-10 scale, identifying where you are: enough vs. not enough, lacking vs. full, negative vs. positive, bad vs. good.

We’ve been trained from fear to meet basic survival needs, often at the expense of and harm to others.  Whether family, school, work, church, community, state, nation or planet, the notion of ‘win’ is illusion, ultimately costing us real peace.

A strong desire to be better may be the comparative that prevents you from full attention, from ‘being your best’.

Conformity is overrated.  Precision and education are underrated.  Conformity is a dangerous condition where depth sacrifices to approval.

In the end, all we really want (and need) is one another’s awareness.  So let’s ‘wake up’ to one another.

Oh…damaged by the spirit of competition.  Competition is the extreme grasping at the expense of another’s loss.  The moment is all there is.  I may temporarily feel better with a win.  I may relish beating you, but it’s not sustaining and the vacuum once again arrives.

“Best” as defined by 100% attention, is a moment to moment thing.  It takes a lot of pressure off.

Rockets of desire seldom launch when there’s a sense of yearning (restlessness).  We must first carry our gratitude and depth of awareness for what is, thus opening and making space for the new.

Not this moment?  YES, this moment.  From our first tastes of object permanence we start our training in desiring different moments.  Our work is to return awareness to this arising moment, fresh. I want to be HERE!

Perhaps the most absurd trend is how we’ve made multi-tasking (split attention) a skill in comparative, with a reward to notions of better, all at the expense of our best (quality).

Bows and wows to you!

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